Together, We do make a Difference

Strive Support Services is an agency that provides support to people with diverse abilities. We support individuals to live independently and assist them to reach their goals and dreams. We help people to live inclusively in their communities and improve their quality of life.

Our programs are person centered which allows each individual to make their own choices in how they would like their support to be.

We offer the highest level of quality service with respect and professionalism.

Community Inclusion

Provides supports to individuals to be actively involved in their communities, through recreation and social activities. Community Inclusion promotes personal choice and independence while utilizing natural supports within the community.

Home Maker

Provides support to individuals who require basic housekeeping or temporary personal care to successfully live independently.

Supported Living

Outreach: Provides one to one support to individuals living independently and semi independently in the community, assisting with daily living activities.


Supported Employment, Customized Employment and /or self-employment. Employment is an important part of living life filled with possibilities. Our supports fully encompass Real Work for Real Pay.

Skill Development

A community inclusion service that provides individuals with goal based support to develop skills that are required for healthy, independent living.

Health & wellness, nutrition, cooking, shopping, banking & budgeting.

Live in Supports

A shared living arrangement in which the support staff lives in the home of the individual and assists with daily living activities.

Home Share

A Shared living arrangement in which the individual lives in the care givers home. They provide a home for the individual that provides a balance of connection and independence.

Individualized Funding & Host Agency

Enables individuals to access new, innovative service options and make choices about how the supports are services they require are provided.

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